The majority of victims of domestic violence are women, although man can also be victimized. If you are also suffering from the domestic violence, then you need the best specializing in mediation and litigation service to find the solution of your problem.  

Some other example of those who are really affected from domestic violence are:

Teenager : Between the 11-15 age group children reported that their friends are the victims of domestic violence, and remaining half those who are in relationship they are verbally abuse.

Immigrant community : Language and culture also become the barrier and the roadblock for those people who are immigrant. 

Some immigrant faces this problem because the victim doesn't know their right.

Lesbian, Gay and Transgender community: In survey the man in gay relationship also suffers domestic violence and the percentage of domestic violence is  39.2% and 22%. 

Woman with disability: Woman with disability includes the physical illness. Deaf woman has the greatest risk to face the domestic violence. 

Because they are not able to fight against this problem and cannot even confess their problem infront of people.

Lack of education: The physical disability is not only the serious problem; the lack of education is also the problem. 

Sometime woman know their right and she want to take the action against the domestic violence but she is not enough educated and not even economically strong. 

Due to lack of education and economic status she would not  raise her voice against this problem. 

What to do if you are the victim of this problem:

Call to family justice center and inform them what you are facing.

•Seek medical attention if necessary and collect the photograph and the document of injuries.

•Go to the safe place. To discover more information on domestic violence, you may take help from internet. 

•Tell your family member, friends about the abuse.

•Make family safety plan and call the family care center.

Consequence of domestic violence: Living under the constant fear, threat and humiliation are some of the feeling that develops in the mind of the victim. The abused women have the tendency to remain quiet and emotionally disturb after the occurrence of violence.